Forms & Information

  • This page contains information and necessary forms for current and prospective clients. Please refer to the links below to find the information that you are looking for.

    For any questions regarding these forms or information please contact the office.

  • Lease End – Move Out Procedures

    This information is for tenants who are currently leasing units directly from AJM Real Estate Services.

    1. Unit must be vacated on or before lease expiration date. Move-outs must be scheduled in accordance with rules and regulations of the complex. Any fines for non-compliance to move-out guidelines will be deducted from the security deposit. Contact the office for the move-out fee for your complex. If payment is made directly to the building super or management, copy of receipt must be provided to AJM.
    2. No excess debris or furniture is to be left for disposal at the premises (including using the complex dumpster). You must have such items carted away. Any fines will be deducted from security.
    3. Clean unit: Interior and exterior of all appliances and cabinets, countertops , kitchen and bathroom floors, entire bathroom area etc.
    4. Carpet must be professionally shampooed. Copy of receipt of service must be turned in with keys.
    5. Contact utility companies (i.e. Northeast Utilities, Yankee Gas, cable, phone, etc.) and arrange for disconnect and final billings.
    6. All keys, remotes, parking tags, laundry keys, building fobs, etc. must be returned to the office no later than the morning after the lease expiration date. (Unless it’s the weekend, in which case that Monday)
    7. Notify office of forwarding address for security deposit refund and contact phone number.

    An inspection of the unit will be made once keys are returned to the office. Costs of repairs and/or any required additional cleaning may be deducted from security deposit. For any questions please call the office.